Command and Control Systems

ISS offers a unified Command & Control Platform that is customized to meet the operational and technical needs of your organization. We can provide a cost-effective, scalable and Intuitive Graphical Interface that provides implementation of your organizations Security Policies and User-Defined responses. Capable of logging all events and activities with both historical data and captured video, our Command and Control systems can support security management at your critical infrastructure sites such as:

  • Sea Ports
  • Airports
  • Chemical and Pharma Facilities
  • Campus Environments

Using innovative software, we can tie together all of your independent sub-systems into a single-seat user-interface that allows you to customize and integrate all of your security policies and procedures.

Our Services

Whether you’re a single industrial building or a multi-campus healthcare facility, you need a custom designed and technologically advanced security system based on your company’s specific needs.