SAVE HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS A MONTH by eliminating the need for Fire Alarm System Telephone Lines. Integrated Security Systems has responded to the growing demands for a communications network that would serve the critical needs of our South Florida customers. BEACON provides a robust and reliable means of wireless radio communications from your property’s Alarm System to your Central Monitoring Station. The long-time industry standard method of using telephone lines, while reliable, can be costly due to cost of redundant telephone lines and the telephone company’s fees, taxes and service charges. These can quickly add up to thousands of dollars a year!

In addition, many existing systems are relying on outdated 2G cellular technology that will no longer be available in the very near future. Don’t leave your residents, employees and your assets unprotected. Be proactive, and act now!

The Technology: BEACON by ISS uses UL Approved leading AES-IntelliNet provided technology to create a data network that is reliable, self-adapting, and requires no dedicated radio towers or reliance on local phone or cellular providers. Using a long range wireless mesh network is the foundation for a new generation of technology in the Fire Alarm and Security industry and has quickly become the industry leader in radio communications for Central Station Monitoring.


What is the difference between BEACON and conventional radio technology?

Other private radio systems rely on repeater/tower technology to operate. This creates additional cost to the system operator for ongoing lease and maintenance contracts. Also, towers and repeaters have the potential for single point / single path failure: if a tower goes down, many subscribers will be out of service. In contrast, BEACON provides multiple paths, and each subscriber unit can adapt to changes in the system.

What alarm panels are compatible with BEACON radio subscriber units?

All alarm panels are compatible with BEACON transceivers.

Where can I find official listing and compliance information?

Please click on our Fire Marshal Resources page or contact your BEACON Account Manager for details.

What is the cost of the system?

There are no telephone lines required, nor are there fees, service charges and taxes associated with these telephone lines. Customers simply agree to a 60-month monitoring agreement, and ISS will install a BEACON Radio in their building. A monthly fee of $74.99 (billed quarterly) covers the system monitoring cost. *The Radio equipment will be maintained and serviced by ISS during the term of the agreement.

The BEACON sales team can provide a quote for a system to match your requirements. Please contact us for details at:

I have more questions – who can I contact?

Send us an email at: or Call us at 888-670-2226.

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